Yoga Studios near Gulfport MS

Yoga Studios near Gulfport, MS

Being physically fit does wonders for your overall health, but so can maintaining good mental wellness. To help you keep up with both, check out these best yoga studios near Gulfport, MS. At these locations, you won’t just work out your body; you’ll be able to rid your mind of any stresses so you can feel relaxed while you burn a few calories.

Downtown Yoga Ocean Springs

Yoga Studios near Gulfport, MS

At Downtown Yoga Ocean Springs, you’ll find a studio that’s committed to helping the community lead better, more healthy lives through yoga. They offer an Essential Yoga Series for beginners as well as classes like Yin Yoga and Flow and Restore for those of all levels including experienced yogis.

On top of that, there are a number of different workshops available for those who want more practice. Some of these include Toning Workshops and beginner workshops.

To learn more about all the classes available, check out Downtown Yoga Ocean Springs on Facebook.

Loft Yoga at the Bodega

Located on the second flow of a renovated bodega building in the heart of Old Town Bay Saint Louis, it’s easy to see why this place is called Loft Yoga at the Bodega. Of course, this establishment is known for much more than just its location.

The classes at this studio, including Power Vinyasa Flow for intermediate and advanced yogis, are designed to be moving meditations to help you gain strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. Each hour-long session can also help you with awareness. If you’re still learning to perfect your poses, adjustments and hands-on assists will be offered to keep your body, mind, and breathing properly aligned.

For more information about how this studio can help you get a good workout and find inner peace, follow Loft Yoga at the Bodega on Facebook.

Treehouse Yoga

Yoga Studios near Gulfport, MS

Treehouse Yoga is a quintessential yoga studio for everyone no matter if you’re new or you’ve been practicing for years. Dedicated to providing a safe and healing environment for all, this studio offers an array of classes.

If you’re new to yoga, try Gentle Kripalu Yoga which includes a gentle series of stretches and basic yoga poses that’ll help strengthen your core and perfect your breathing techniques. If you’re more advanced, classes like Moderate Flow are available, too. They even offer sessions for kids if you want to bring the little ones to the studio, as well.

Connect with Treehouse Yoga on Facebook for more details about how the studio can help you relax and get fit.

Achieve Your Inner Peace

Mental wellness is a crucial part of your overall health. So, make sure you take a yoga class or two at these studios near Gulfport, MS, to help you get fit and rid your mind and body of stress.