Why is My Car Shaking?

Why Is My Car Shaking?

Noticing an irregularity with your vehicle’s performance is crucial, because it can indicate that your car is in need of service and repairs. If you’ve ever asked “why is my car shaking?” you should know that the answer isn’t that simple. At Pat Peck Honda, we’re here to help drivers in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi learn why their car is shaking, what types of issues could be occurring, and how to ensure that the vibration stops.

Keep reading to learn more about the possible causes for your car shaking while out on the road.

An Issue with Your Tires

Tire Issues

The most common answer to “why is my car shaking?” is something to do with the tires. It could mean that the tires are out of balance, or one of your tires is relatively low on air. Considering that most modern vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that indicates when a tire is low on air, if you don’t see the light, then it’s probably the balance of your tires. The vibration is particularly noticeable when you exceed 50 MPH and only shakes more the faster you go.

It’s Your Brake Rotors Causing Your Vehicle to Vibrate

The reason that your car is shaking could be because your brake rotors are worn. Your rotors can become bent over time, which can reduce the effectiveness of your brake pads or calipers from getting the right grip to slow or stop your vehicle. The shaking will become more apparent when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

Your Engine isn’t Getting the Proper Fuel

Fuel Filter

If you notice that the front of your vehicle, particularly the engine, is where the shaking is coming from, it could mean that your engine isn’t getting the fuel it needs to perform. This could be a problem with your spark plug, which requires a simple replacement. However, if the replacement doesn’t stop the shaking, it could be the spark plug wires or even a clogged fuel filter that’s the true culprit. Consult a professional to accurately diagnose why your car is shaking.

It’s Time to Replace Some Parts

There’s a few different parts that can break or become worn that can result in a shaky performance with your vehicle. It could be a bent axle or drive shaft, worn CV joints, or even leaking lubricant. It’s important to take your vehicle in for service so the issue can be properly diagnosed and repaired.

Taking Your Vehicle in For Service at Pat Peck Honda

If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is shaking while you’re driving, it’s important to have the issue corrected before it develops into a major problem. You can always bring your vehicle into our dealership for automotive service. Our technicians can detect the issue and provide the necessary repairs and service to ensure that your car stops shaking and performs normally.

When your car is shaking or exhibiting the signs of an issue, schedule your service with us at Pat Peck Honda, we’re happy to help drivers all throughout Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi make sure that their vehicle performs at its best.