Why Is My Battery Light On

Why Is My Battery Light On

While you’re soaking up a liberating weekend drive along the roads of Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi, it’s still important to know how to act in an emergency.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “why is my battery light on,” you’ll be prepared to handle any situation thanks to this informative guide created by Pat Peck Honda.

Once you’ve read through the details in this guide, you’ll tackle the roads with confidence, as well as understand more about what your vehicle is trying to tell you. That way, you’ll be able to continue on your journey without a moment of hesitation. Let’s take a look!

Insight into Your Battery Light

The wonderful thing about vehicles is that they’re pretty good at letting you know when something isn’t working quite right. For example, the battery warning light on your dashboard connects to a system that measures your voltage created by the alternator. If that power is below a certain restriction, the battery light will start shining inside your car.

Overall, an illuminated battery light indicates that a part of the battery or charging system isn’t working correctly. Some of the most common issues signaled by your battery light are:

  • Corroded cable terminals
  • Loose battery cable
  • Faulty alternator
  • Damaged voltage regulator and more

What do these things mean? In short, any of these issues will prevent your battery from maintaining a charge. Since your battery is what helps you start the engine of your automobile, these problems can cause your battery to gradually lose its charge and fail to activate the ignition.

Why Is My Battery Light OnAs the most common cause of battery alerts, a faulty alternator could be what you’re facing. So, if you see this light start to glow inside your car, call your trusted service professional. It’s possible that you’ll be able to drive to your local dealership with the charge left inside the battery, but make sure to ask your technician how to proceed.

How to Keep Your Battery Healthy!

To avoid these scenarios, all you have to do is follow some basic care guidelines to keep your battery energetic and ready to ride. Plus, these simple tips are easy to execute, which means that you won’t have to go out of your way to maintain a robust charge inside your automobile.

Keep Things Cool: Excess heat can quickly zap up the electrical force of your battery. So, to avoid that, try to park your car in a shady or cool spot on sunny days. High temperatures combined with the sun’s warmth can make things get hot under the hood pretty quickly.

Unplug Your Electronics: We know how much you love your technology. By giving your smartphone a rest and refraining from plugging it into your vehicle’s charging system, you’ll save on battery life and also give your mind a break from technology. Talk about a win-win!

Clean It Up: Between your daily commutes and spontaneous adventures, the important items underneath the hood of your car begin to build up dirt from the road. Eventually, that grime traps heat, which can guzzle battery voltage. To avoid that, simply wipe down the battery with a soft rag. That way, you won’t have to worry about seeing that pesky battery light appear on your dashboard.

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