Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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The brakes are one of the most important parts in your vehicle. Without them, it wouldn’t be safe to drive around Gulfport, Long Beach, Biloxi, and beyond. Sometimes, if you’re brakes are experiencing a problem, they’ll squeak.

On this page, the service team at Pat Peck Honda will teach you a bit more about why your brakes may be squeaking, common brake problems, and more. Read ahead to get started!

What Could Be Making Your Brakes Squeak

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For starters, not all squeaking coming from your brakes is bad. When you press down on the brake pedal, that signals the brake calipers to press the brake pads down on the metal brake rotor to slow your vehicle down. The brake pads are designed to cause friction with the brake rotor and, in some instances, this friction can cause squeaking.

A few examples of instances when this will occur is severe braking, such as when you have to slam on your brakes to prevent a collision. You also may hear unproblematic squeaking from the brakes when you’re driving in dusty or sandy conditions or even in high humidity. However, if the squeaking persists in all types of driving situations, this is a clear indicator that there’s a problem present.

The Most Common Brake Problems

With so many parts making up the brake system, there are quite a few things that can go wrong. One of the most common problems associated with squeaking when braking is worn-out brake pads. When the brake pad material gets worn down, the steel underneath begins to show and rub against the metal rotor, which will cause squeaking noises.

Another common problem that causes noisy brakes is a warped or unevenly worn-down brake rotor. Since some of the rotor is worn down more than other parts, the brake pad can’t press down evenly on it, which causes different vibrations than normal accompanied by squeaking noises.

Other Brake Problem Symptoms to Look For

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When your brakes are experiencing a problem, squeaking isn’t the only symptom to watch out for. There are a number of symptoms that can present themselves to let you know your brakes need some attention, including…

  • Other noises like grinding, screeching, or squealing
  • Mushy pedal, or needing to press extra hard on the brake pedal to stop or slow down
  • Brake pedal pulses up and down while you’re moving
  • Brake pedal, steering wheel, and/or the whole vehicle vibrating when braking
  • Pulling to one side or the other without turning the steering wheel

On top of squeaking, these are some clear signs that your brake system is experiencing a problem.

Need Some Help with Your Squeaky Brakes?​

We at Pat Peck Honda hope this guide gave you all the information you needed about squeaking brakes. Drivers in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi who still have questions about squeaking brakes should give us a call today.

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