What Causes Tire Cupping?

Tire Inspection

Tire cupping, otherwise known as “scalloping,” is a certain kind of tire wear. If you see divots or “scoops” in your tire’s treads, that means your tire is cupping. This can happen right in the middle of the tread, but it can happen along the edges, too.

What, exactly, causes this to happen? The Pat Peck Honda team is taking a closer look, providing an answer to that very important question. We’re your Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi tire experts.

Why Are My Tires Cupped?

Uneven Tires

Uneven wear can occur due to:

  • Worn or loose suspension parts
  • Unbalanced tires
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Low-quality tires

The most noticeable signs of cupped tires are the scooped treadwear pattern, either in the middle or on the edges of the tire. You’ll see this scooping in 3- or 4-inch bits, which show because the wheel is bouncing, and the tire isn’t evenly touching the road.

You can also keep an ear out for cupped tires. The noise can be a grinding or scraping sound, similar to when a wheel bearing needs replacing. The noise will generally get louder at higher speeds.

Top Reasons for Cupped Tires

A smooth ride often depends on your suspension and the shock absorbers in your vehicle. If any part of the suspension is worn down or loose, the wheels can start to bounce, which causes tire cupping. Look to replace shock absorbers every 50,000 miles or so, and struts around 70,000 miles. The key suspension parts should be examined every year.

Tires can also be out of balance. When tires are not balanced properly, the wheel will begin to bounce, and the tire can start to lose its grip on the road. In this case, the scooping may not be as noticeable as the kind caused by a failing suspension, but patches will be evident.

When wheels aren’t properly aligned, that can also cause cupped tires. Misalignment will often cause the back tires to cup, particularly if the rear and front tires aren’t parallel. Lastly, low-quality tires can cause issues. Minor vibrations or bouncing can cause cupping because they might not be up to the task. Be sure that your new tires are manufacturer approved.

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Tire Center

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