Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil Change

If you envision your vehicle lasting for years to come, while you cruise around Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi, then routine maintenance is going to play a vital role. No matter the model, each car needs regular inspections and proper care. With that in mind, our team at Pat Peck Honda created this article so you can quickly identify when you need to change your oil.

Oil changes are recommended at different intervals depending on a variety of factors, but if you keep reading, you’ll learn about some tell-tale signs suggesting you need an oil change.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Before understanding when you should change your oil, it’s important to understand what this vital component does for the overall well-being of your car.

First, it serves as a lubricant. There are many different pieces and parts that work simultaneously to generate power under the hood, and without regular oil changes, these parts would grind together, or begin to wear down prematurely.

Also, your engine will reach scalding temperatures after many hours of consecutive use, especially if you’re ripping down the highway in the middle of summer. Clean oil will help reduce this build-up of heat, so your engine can continue to perform properly.

So, how do I know when to Change My Oil?

Oil Change

First off, it’s typically recommended you change your oil every 5,000 miles, regardless of how your vehicle is currently driving. This helps ensure long-term performance, while maintaining the overall health of your engine.

As for signs that you should change your oil, a few of the most notable are listed in the bullet points below:

  • Interior Smells like Oil: If the interior of your vehicle begins to reek of oil, you should immediately have your oil changed. This could be caused by a leak, which requires a professional inspection.
  • Check Engine Light/ Oil Light: A lot of vehicles have a light on the dashboard that will appear if your oil is getting worn down, or it’s time for a change. To identify which light this is in your vehicle, check the owner’s manual.
  • Unusual Noise: If you hear a clanging noise, a grinding sound, or any other unusual noise that your car doesn’t typically make, you should have your vehicle inspected. Often when the oil begins to lose its luster, it won’t perform at a high level, and you’ll potentially hear parts of your engine grinding together.
  • Dirty Oil: This one is a pretty sure-fire way to tell if you need an oil change. By looking at the color and texture of your oil, you can get a feel for how old, and how worn down it is. Oil is typically very fluid, with a golden hue to it. If your oil is sludgy, and black, it’s time for a change.

Replace Your Oil at Our Pristine Service Department

Keeping up with regular oil changes is the best way to ensure your car performs at a high level around Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi. If it’s time you made your way into the shop, schedule your service appointment at Pat Peck Honda. We have a first-class service department and will get you back on the open road quickly!