Top Restaurants to Spend a Romantic Evening near Gulfport

Valentines Day

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’ll want to be sure you’re capturing the moment with that special someone at a romantic, enjoyable location. Whether it’s the lighting or the soft background music, the atmosphere has to be perfect.

Thankfully, if you’re near Gulfport, you can rest easy knowing that any of these top restaurants offer the perfect combination of mood, service, scenery, and delicious food.

Koi Sushi

With a menu full of attractive, flavor-packed options that are cooked to perfection, Koi Sushi has developed a resounding reputation in the area.

To start, you can choose from some tasty appetizers, such as the Spicy Edamama or the Tempura Mushroom. The list of house favorites is long, but options like the Steak & Grilled Shrimp or the Seafood Combo are sure to please. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Ungai Don is another well-regarded dish that features broiled eel over rice with eel sauce.

You can try some sushi options also, like the Baked Salmon with snow crab or the Tuna Tataki.

All these items and more information can be found on the Koi Sushi Facebook page.

Patio 44

As the name suggests, Patio 44 has a lovely outdoor eating area that is well lit and romantic when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Valentines Day

Patio 44 blends casual dining with a host of diverse wine and spirits. The seafood ranges from Gumbo to Shrimp & Grits. You also can go for something more unique, like a fried catfish taco. As for the beef, Buckhead Certified Angus Beef is aged at least 21 days and can be found under the grill and entrée section.

The wine list is varied, and is sure to have something for even the most particular wine connoisseur. Options range from Chardonnay and Merlot to Pinot Noir or a dainty Shiraz.

By visiting the Patio 44 Facebook page, you can see everything from the ranging décor of the restaurant to all types of exotic dishes.


Salute is a mix between scrumptious, fresh seafood and charming, classic Italian dishes.

The seafood really jumps out on the menu, with items like the Eggplant Gondola. There’s also the Catfish Supreme, which features southern fried catfish with spicy shrimp, crawfish, and a refined andouille mushroom garlic cream.

Not to be outdone by the fresh fish, the Italian menu features favorites like the Lasagna Al Forno or the Tuscan Fusion, which is perfect for vegetarians as it consists of eggplant parmigiana, manicotti, and panneed cheese ravioli.

Your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner deserves a rich bottle of wine, and you’ll find a great number of selections at Salute, with all your classic red and white favorites.

Go to the Salute Facebook page and you’ll be able to see everything this romantic restaurant has to offer.

Spend Valentine’s Day at These Romantic Restaurants near Gulfport

The buzz surrounding Valentine’s Day is filled with romance and love, so you’ll want to be sure you take your significant other to any of these delicious, accommodating restaurants near Gulfport.