Experience History at These Museums near Gulfport MS

Top Museums near Gulfport

History, culture, art, and knowledge are just a few of the intangible qualities found in well-executed museums. If you want to spend the day exploring the brilliance of the past or pondering the depths of abstract art, then visit these museums near Gulfport, MS.

Each establishment listed below shines brightly thanks to a devoted staff and numerous exhibits that will appeal to visitors of all ages.

Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art

Fine Art Gallery in Gulfport

The Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art is home to revered pieces of art that beautifully showcase the capabilities of the human mind and the vivacity of the local community.

If you visit the events calendar, you’ll find a consistent stream of activities, guest speakers, and instructive courses. These sorts of get-togethers extend beyond the canvas and offer opportunities for writers as well. There’s also the occasional yoga class for a charming touch of tranquility.

If you want to further explore the wonders of this museum, check out the Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art Facebook page!

LaPointe-Krebs House & Museum

Steeped in history and local acclaim, the LaPointe-Krebs House & Museum stands as a beacon of the past.

This structure, which is the oldest in Mississippi, dates back to the French Colonial period, and pre-dates the American Revolution by some two decades. The detailed construction of the building is astonishing, and the museum itself houses various exhibits and pieces of art that further add to the grand story.

Long heralded as a local treasure, the LaPointe-Krebs House & Museum will appeal to guests of all ages. Get more information by checking out their Facebook page.

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Train Museum near Gulfport

The iron tracks that stretch across our country and once served as the proverbial highway are rightfully glorified at the lovely Mississippi Coast Modern Railroad Museum.

This site is a terrific blend of model trains, themed outdoor railroad displays, and interactive layouts that kids will latch onto immediately. The interactive opportunities are really one of the biggest draws, making this museum a hit for children’s birthday parties.

The local community continues to rave about this fun museum, and you can read these glowing reviews by visiting the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Facebook page.

Explore the Wonders of These Museums near Gulfport MS

Museums have a lot to offer adults, teenagers, and kids alike. So, spend some time at these cherished locations to get a better feel for the world around us!