A Unique Outdoor Adventure on the Wolf River

Canoeing and Kayaking near Gulfport, MS

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure that’s off the beaten path? Head over to Wolf River Canoe and Kayak for a unique day of fun. Invite your friends and family or fly solo.

With a variety of adventures and tours to choose from, they have something for the most experienced paddlers as well as all you first-timers.

About Wolf River Canoe and Kayak

Canoeing near Gulfport, MS

The winding waterways of the Wolf River are only a few minutes away from the pristine beaches of the Gulf coast. Its waters twist through undisturbed woodlands and flow past white sand beaches. The Wolf River offers opportunities to swim, picnic, camp, and fish. It also provides a great place for your next canoeing adventure.

That’s where Wolf River Canoe and Kayak comes in. They offer a wide variety of guided and unguided tours. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to stop for a picnic or a swim. You can even find a cozy spot on the beach and camp out for the night, turning your one-day adventure into two!

They have trip options ranging from four miles long to 10.6 miles, so you can settle for a relaxing day trip or a weekend long excursion.

Your Journey with Wolf River Canoe and Kayak

As you paddle along, imagine those that came before you: the generations of Native Americans that traveled along this same river every day. They enjoyed the same views as well as the same relaxing sounds of the untamed woodlands.

The Wolf River area boasts some of the most peaceful water trails and pristine wetlands this country has to offer.

Their tour guides have paddled the waterways of the Wolf River for years. They know the twists and turns as well as the best places to stop and relax. They’ll share with you their love of nature, so your experience will be even more memorable.

If you’re brave enough, you can even set out on your own. Chart your own path down the majestic river and make an adventure that’s all yours!

Start Your Adventure Today!

With a rental and a tour with Wolf River Canoe and Kayak, you’ll have access to a one-of-a-kind expedition that the whole family will love.

Do you hear the call of the wild? Answer it today!