Local Spotlight: Tiny Steps Academy

Daycare near Gulfport MS

Take the first step toward getting your child the education she or he deserves. At Tiny Steps Academy, the motto is, “No child left behind, every child deserves a solid future.”

When you review their programs and visit their day care center and preschool, you will understand how strongly their motto meshes with their practices. Your child’s love of learning starts here.

Their Philosophy

Children's Program

For children six weeks old to 12 years old, Tiny Steps provides a family atmosphere for students by focusing on their spiritual, emotional, and educational growth. One way they accomplish this is by having the staff and students wear uniforms to show their unity. They operate from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. to accommodate families’ varying schedules.

Their goal is to prepare your child for elementary school and life by nurturing children as individuals, building strong partnerships with parents, and embracing technology as another educational tool. The Academy works with employers to create family-friendly workplaces and strives to make their office a diverse one where employees grow as professionals.

Programs They Offer

Programs at Tiny Steps Academy cater to babies all the way up to tweens. They understand that, when you drop off your beloved six-week-old baby at their center, you want the best care possible. They offer TLC and a safe environment where your baby can explore their new world with bright eyes and healthy enthusiasm.

Once your toddler reaches the next stage, their center changes their focus by introducing them to technology-based learning and encourages social interaction and exploration on a larger scale. Teachers take the toddler’s age and stage into account and adapt the programs on an individual basis. Their teachers guide them toward being social and independent while having fun at the same time.

Preschool Program

Their READY for SCHOOL preschool program ramps up the activity level to build on their knowledge and social skills. Their goal is to prepare your child for the next phase and to continue their path toward greater learning experiences. Their curriculum meets high standards yet remembers to keep things exciting.

Tiny Steps Academy provides after-school care for children ages six to 12. They devise new challenges for them to tackle and adjust their social and intellectual goals to match their changing needs.

Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff members who work at Tiny Steps Academy love working with your children and seeing them grow. They possess advanced Early Childhood Education certifications, years of experience, and a range of master’s and bachelor’s degrees. They understand curriculum planning and will ensure that your child remains satisfied and stimulated by the programs they plan for them.

Build Your Child’s Future at Tiny Steps Academy

Building your child’s education starts by structuring it step by step, and Tiny Steps Academy pledges to help parents do that. Log on to their Instagram page to see what they can offer your child!