Set Sail with Skipper Charters

Known as the largest gulf in the world, the Gulf of Mexico stretches over 3,500 miles and is filled with over 15,000 aquatic species. With that much wildlife to explore, why not take a tour of the coast with Skipper Charters!

From fishing and sight-seeing to parties and cruises, your sea adventure is waiting with Skipper Charters. Keep reading to learn more about this local spotlight.

First-Class Fishing Experience

Fishing at Sea

Like most athletic endeavors, fishing is all the better with proper equipment and instruction. Luckily, there’s Captain Frank Becker.

With 20 years of experience under his belt, Captain Becker is the ultimate fishing partner. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just learning how to cast your first rod, Captain Becker’s got you covered. His friendly nature and patient teaching make him the perfect guide for children, too!

Speaking of patience, fishing usually requires quite a bit of it. At Skipper Charters, however, they do things a bit differently. No more sitting in one spot for hours without a bite. Instead, Captain Becker will take you wherever there’s fish, so long as it’s within the allotted time frame.

Book a trip today and try your hand at catching a wide variety of fish, including:

  • Bull Redfish
  • King Mackerel
  • White Trout
  • Sheephead
  • Black Drum

All Aboard the Skipper

Sailing on Skipper Charters

If Captain Becker is the ideal guide, then the Skipper is the ideal boat!

Coast Guard certification and two diesel engines make this vessel both safe and exhilarating. Its luxury cabin accommodates up to 18 guests and features air conditioning, heating, restroom facilities, and bunk beds. The cockpit is laid with rubber padding for additional safety and comfort.

Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise, spend the day relaxing with friends, or take a visit to the gulf’s islands with the Skipper’s shuttle service. Memories are waiting to be made aboard the Skipper!

Additionally, if memorial services are needed, both captain and crew will provide everything required for a smooth and meaningful ride. They’re courteous and respectful and will even issue a special certificate with the location of your loved one.

The Sea is Calling

Book a trip with Skipper Charters today and discover the greatness of the gulf! In the meantime, visit Skipper Charters on Facebook to see some amazing catches and stay informed on the latest updates and events.