A Little Ditty about Jack and Diane’s Tattoo

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We all grew up with a Jack and Diane, whether the song ear wormed its way into our hearts or through observing the couple you just knew the song referenced. But these two tattoo artists are the real sweetheart deal! So, let’s start off with a little ditty (or story) about the real Jack and Diane who started Jack and Diane’s Tattoo before the song blasted from its first radio!

Making History

Tattoo Parlor

In 1978, years before John Cougar Mellencamp recorded his legendary song, Jack walked into a Gulfport tattoo shop while serving in the Navy. He received his first tattoo and became friends with the owner. That led to his quest to become a tattoo artist.

Diane also migrated to Mississippi around the same time. Jack walked into the restaurant where Diane worked as a waitress, and love bloomed between them in 1980. Forty years later, the tattoo shop they opened long ago continues to flourish along with their strong family ties and a long-lasting love as permanent and bewitching as a traditional rose tattoo.  

Family Affair

Meet the tattoo artists from Jack and Diane’s. It’s truly a family affair! Their son Sean became a tattoo artist over 20 years ago, and their daughter-in-law Anna manages the shop. Just recently, their oldest grandson Austin jumped into the family business. Aunt Diane even tattooed her nephew Marshall who grew enamored with tattoos and the artistry. Soon after working as an apprentice, he joined up.

Speaking of joining up… Many of the tattoo artists started out serving in the Navy and Army. A few stopped in to get tattoos of their own while stationed in Gulfport and eventually became friends with Jack and Diane. These relationships blossomed into new careers for the former military men.   

Going for a Tattoo

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Getting a tattoo can be a very personal experience. If you never went through the tattooing process before, the professional, talented, and friendly tattoo artists at Jack and Diane’s present a family atmosphere and keep perfecting their art to satisfy customers and themselves. Clients will receive unique, customized designs in a clean, comfortable environment.

Doin’ the Best They Can at Jack and Diane’s Tattoo

Let the tattoo artists at Jack and Diane’s Tattoo do the best they can at giving you the tattoo that you want. To see some of their art, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages. Walk-ins welcome!