Your Pets Will Feel Right at Home at Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge

Pet Lodge

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your pets can’t also enjoy a special getaway. They too deserve a relaxing time away from home, and there’s no better place to relax than Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge.

When you can’t take your furry friends with you, this local boarding kennel will provide first-class accommodations in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. With Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge, you can rest assured your trusty companion is in excellent hands.

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More Than Just a Kennel

Owners John and Shari Harshbarger wanted a reliable and safe place for folks to board their pets. Looking for something beyond your typical kennel, they took matters into their own hands, opening their very own pet lodge right here in Gulfport, MS.

You’ll find perks both indoors and out—such as pet friendly plants, ultrasonic mist diffusers, and a covered patio for play in inclement weather—all combine to create a luxuriously relaxing home away from home.

All Canine lodging options (Luxury Suite, Deluxe Suite, and Regular Room), come with daily maid service and continuously fresh water. Deluxe and Luxury Suites include an attached private outdoor patio.

For your feline friends, Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge offers a two-story condo, which includes:

  • Plush fleece bed
  • Climbing perch & scratching post
  • Litter box
  • Daily maid service
  • Continuously fresh water

Putting Safety First

Pet Lodge

For the Harshbarger’s, safety is their number one priority.

John and Shari live directly on-site, which means your pets have access to 24/7 care. Each of their guests will receive one-on-one attention daily, keeping to their regular home routines as much as possible.  

In the event of a costal evacuation, John and Shari will remain alongside your pets for the duration of the emergency. Furthermore, the entire building was built using poured concrete filling and steel re-bar within the bricks, ensuring the utmost safety in turbulent weather conditions. Additionally, on-site generators insure extra comfort during power outages.

At Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge, they understand how important your pet is to your family and will do all they can to keep them safe and sound until you return.

Calling All Cats and Canines

When you need a place to board your pets while you’re away, look no further than Creature’s Comfort Pet Lodge! For more information and adorable photos, check out their Facebook page.