How to Charge Your Car Battery

Car Battery

While your battery should be replaced every three to five years, there may be times when you need a quick charge while driving around Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi. There are two simple ways you can do this, which our Pat Peck Honda team explains below.

Learn how to charge your car battery and stop by our service center to have our trained technicians help with whatever car-battery trouble you are experiencing.

How To Jump-Start Your Car

If you have jumper cables in your car, you will be ready any time you need to jump-start the battery. Here are a quick set of steps to follow to jump your car:

  1. Find another car. You will either have to call a family member or friend nearby to meet where you are. If you are in a parking lot with others around, you can also see if someone has a minute to help you out.
  2. Turn everything off. Once you have a second car, make sure everything is turned off in both vehicles. This includes the engines, along with radios and any other components that use power.
  3. Connect positive cables. Next, pop the hood and locate the positive terminal on your battery. This is typically Red and has a plus sign. Then, clamp the cables on your battery and repeat How to Charge Your Car Batterythe process on the other battery.
  4. Connect negative cables. Once the positive cables are attached to each battery, do the same for the negative cables. These are usually marked in Black, with a negative sign.
  5. Start the engines. Once the jumper cables are safely and securely attached to each battery, go ahead and turn on the engine of the vehicle with the good battery. Then, try to start your own car.
  6. Remove the cables. Once your vehicle starts, leave both vehicles idle for a few minutes. Then, you can remove the cables—starting with the negative ones, then the positive ones.

Using a Portable Car Battery Charger

If you have a portable charger, the process for charging your battery is very similar. You won’t even need a second car to do so. Here are the steps for charging a car battery with a portable charger:

  1. Connect the charger. With both your vehicle and charger off, go ahead and connect the charger to the battery. You will want to again start with the positive Red clamp, then the negative Black clamp.
  2. Prepare the charger. Now that the charger is attached to the battery, you can adjust its volts and amps. Refer to its owner’s manual to see what settings are advised.
  3. Turn on the charger. Once the charger is set, you can go ahead and turn it on. Depending on the charger you have, you may need to have it plugged in. It will then begin to charge your battery.
  4. Disconnect the charger. Once the battery is charged, you can remove the charger by disconnecting the negative clamp first, then the positive one. You then should be set to turn your car on and drive once again.

Need a New Car Battery?

Although you’ll be able to drive once again after you have charged your battery using one of these methods, it is best to get your battery and charging system inspected as soon as possible and possibly replaced.

That is because its inability to hold a charge could be a sign it is time for a change. Luckily, drivers in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi can get their battery replaced here at Pat Peck Honda.

Make an appointment with our service center now to get the right battery installed into your car and to have the entire charging system inspected.

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