Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna

Honda Odyssey Obsidian Blue Pearl

Minivans, like the 2022 Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, provide lots of space for your whole family. However, with tons of safety options and advanced technologies, there’s more to these family-friendly vehicles than interior space.

So, which is better for you—the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Sienna?

The team at Pat Peck Honda can help you find out in this 2022 Odyssey vs. Sienna comparison. Check it out below to discover which minivan is perfect for you and your family.

2022 Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna: Safety

Honda Odyssey Platinum White PearlThe 2022 Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are designed to keep you and your whole family safe. They each come with a strong frame and a system of advanced airbags to protect you and your most precious cargo in the event of an accident.

Both minivans also come with innovative driver-assist technologies to help you stay more aware of your surroundings. These include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Auto High-Beam Headlights
  • Lane Departure Warning

The Road Departure Mitigation System is also available for the Honda Odyssey. If you happen to drive over lane markings without signaling, the Road Departure Mitigation System can apply steering assistance to get you back in your lane. It can also hit the brakes to keep you safe on the road.

Like the Odyssey, the Toyota Sienna has a long list of advanced safety features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer anything like the Road Departure Mitigation System for enhanced peace of mind.

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna: Infotainment

You’ll find plenty of interior technologies in both the 2022 Odyssey and Sienna. With smartphone integration and cutting-edge navigation systems available, they can provide what you need to stay connected and informed on your way to your next destination.

However, when it comes to family-friendly vehicle features, the Honda Odyssey has the advantage. In addition to an available Advanced Rear Entertainment System, the minivan offers multi-zone audio. With this, you can listen to what you want in the front while those in the back nap, since you can turn select speakers off.

If you want to focus on driving and let your passengers take control of the playlist on your next road trip, they can sync their smartphones with available CabinControl®. It lets everyone hear their favorite songs by allowing multiple users to create and contribute to a social playlist. They can even use CabinControl® to adjust rear-seat climate settings.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna doesn’t come with multi-zone audio or anything like the innovative CabinControl® feature that the Odyssey offers.

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna: Space

Honda Odyssey Radiant Red MetallicBoth minivans are set for everything, from carpool duty and family vacations to moving day. They both offer a great deal of space inside their cabins. Although, slightly more room is found in the Honda Odyssey for you and your passengers.

Its cabin has 163.6 cubic feet of passenger volume compared to the 162.5 cubic feet of passenger volume in the Sienna. On top of that, the Odyssey also has more cargo volume, whether all the rear seats are in use or you fold down both rows to create maximum cargo space.

That is because it has 38.6 cubic feet of cargo volume behind all three rows of seating and up to 158 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the front-row seats. The Toyota Sienna has 33.5 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the third row and a maximum of 101 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first-row seats.

Test Drive Your Next Minivan

It’s a close race between the 2022 Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. However, thanks to a longer list of convenience features, safety technologies, and interior space, the Honda Odyssey is the minivan that can provide more of what you need and want for the road ahead.

For more information about both minivans and to test drive the 2022 Honda Odyssey, contact the team at Pat Peck Honda or visit our dealership near Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi today!




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