Honda Odyssey Lease Deals

2021 Silver Honda Odyssey

If you’re looking for a reliable van that can fit the whole family, with monthly payments that fit your budget, you may be interested in the Honda Odyssey lease deals at Pat Peck Honda. We’re proud to offer plenty of options for Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi drivers-so read on to see if this one is the right fit for you!

Benefits of the Honda Odyssey

In the Honda Odyssey, you’ll find more than just seating for eight. The whole family can enjoy available comfort features, such as tri-zone climate control and second- and third-row sunshades.

Have one specific media option everyone enjoys? Chances are, you’ll be able to listen to it through the van’s seven speakers thanks to a plethora of available connectivity options. These include:

  • Streaming phone audio via Bluetooth®
  • Plugging your MP3 player into the auxiliary port
  • Choosing your favorite channel on SiriusXM® Radio
  • Controlling audiobooks, podcasts, and more via Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay™

These media options are a nice bonus, but when you’re managing a van full of little ones, convenience is key. The Odyssey can come to your aid in every step of the journey. Open the power sliding doors from up to 50 feet away, so your energetic passengers can run ahead and get ready to buckle up.

When your hands are full of sports equipment or shopping bags, the available hands-free power tailgate can open with a kick of your foot. Meanwhile, features like a capless fuel tank and available Walk Away Auto Lock® give you fewer things to think about.

Honda Odyssey: Buy vs Lease

Honda FinanceIt’s apparent that the Honda Odyssey is a great choice for busy families. However, when it’s time to drive this van home, you have an important decision to make: finance or lease?

Financing means you’ll be covering the entire cost of the vehicle, usually over a period of several years. Then, you can either continue driving the Odyssey for years to come or find a buyer for it so you can upgrade to a newer model.

If you decide to lease, though, you’re only covering part of the vehicle’s total cost. Often, this means you can often get lower monthly payments. When your lease term is up, you can easily trade up to the latest model-no selling required.

Lower monthly payments as well as the ability to upgrade your vehicle every few years makes it easier to take advantage of the latest high-tech features. In the Odyssey, this includes the following features:

  • A CabinTalk™ in-car PA system for easier conversations with rear-seat passengers
  • An integrated HondaVAC® to easily clean up dirt, crumbs, and other messes
  • Ventilated front seats for more comfort on the way to your next summer adventure

Those features all sound pretty great-so it’s totally understandable if you decide you don’t want to give them up at the end of your Honda Odyssey lease. In that case, you have a couple options.

First, you can contact our finance department to discuss extending your lease for a few more years. Also, you can always decide to finance the vehicle once your lease is up. We’ll work out a payment plan that takes into account the money you’ve already put toward the Odyssey as part of your lease deal.

Find Your Honda Odyssey Lease Deal Today!

Now that you know the options that leasing opens up, it’s time to start finding your Honda Odyssey lease deal.

If you’re near Gulfport, Long Beach, or Biloxi, check out the online inventory at Pat Peck Honda to find a vehicle that meets your needs. Then, head to our dealership to take a test drive and discuss lease terms with our expert finance center. We look forward to working with you!

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