2020 Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry

2020 Honda Civic

As a commuter in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi, MS, you see a variety of cars driving alongside you. Among those, two stand out––populating the road. In fact, you probably know several people who own either one.

So, in the battle of the sedans––the 2020 Honda Civic vs. Toyota Camry––which works best for you?

In the following comparison study, Pat Peck Honda will divide and conquer the differences that matter when it comes to choosing a car.

Coming Down to Convenience

Honda Civic Dimensions

Looking for a parking space amid crowded city streets takes some nerve and the tricks of a contortionist. Will you squeeze into a spot or circle around until you find the perfect place?

At 182.7 inches, the entire length of the Honda Civic means that you can squeeze into smaller spaces. With exactly 10 extra inches, you may be driving around in your Toyota Camry for a few minutes more.  

Civic vs Camry Comfort

When it comes to comfort, both cars contain comparable amenities, but not all trims get the same treatment.

Starting with the seating, you may acknowledge that both cars feature a 60/40 split seat for extra cargo space. Almost every Civic trim, from Sport through Touring, offers a split-rear seatback––while it only comes in the XSE and XSE V6 trims of the Camry.

If you want heated front seats, the Civic issues them standard for the EX and EX-L. The Touring comes with outboard rear heat, as well.

The Camry comes standard with heated seats on the LE, SE, XLE, XLE V6, and XSE and as part of an optional package with the XSE V6.

To comfortably ventilate either car, you may like a moonroof.  A one-touch power moonroof comes standard with the EX, EX-L, and Touring Civic trims. Only one trim for the Camry––the XSE V6––features a standard power tilt/slide moonroof, while the LE and SE offer it as an option.   

To adjust the temperature to accommodate everyone in the car, the Civic provides a standard dual-zone automatic climate control system. The Camry XLE XSE, and XSE V6, feature standard dual zone automatic climate control and as an option for the LE.

Safety & Security

Honda Civic Safety

Cameras strategically placed in your car help you safely maneuver in every direction imaginable. For the Honda Civic––from the Sport on up to Touring––the multi-view rearview camera comes standard. The Toyota Camry offers a similar tool, the Bird’s Eye View Camera, as part of an optional package for the XLE, XLE V6, XSE, and XLE V6.

Throwing off car thieves can be done with an engine immobilizer that renders your car unable to start unless the key with the correct electronic code is inserted. The Civic provides the anti-theft device standard in all their trims, but the Camry only offers a similar device in the L trim.

Who Won the Battle of the Sedans? 2020 Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry

Determining which vehicle you will drive in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Biloxi involves a close examination. Take a test drive of the 2020 Honda Civic at Pat Peck Honda for the final word!