Invigorate the Mind & Body with the Best Yoga near Gulfport MS

There are many advantages to practicing the art of yoga. It has physical benefits, like reducing chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening bones. It also betters your overall mental wellbeing, as it helps improve brain function, lowers your stress levels, and reduces anxiety.

Yoga Studios Gulfport

To get started on enhancing yourself both mentally and physically, learn more about the following places for the best yoga near Gulfport, MS.

Elevate Your Awareness at the Loft Yoga

The appropriately named Loft Yoga is located on the second floor of a recently renovated Bodega building. When you visit, you’ll experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether you’re an experienced yogi or attending your very first class.

When you take any of their classes, like Gentle Hatha Yoga or Beginner Vinyasa Foundations, you’ll move past self-imposed limitations and be given guidance on strength, balance, and awareness.

Check out a complete class schedule on the Loft Yoga Facebook page.

Experience Tranquility at Shanti Yoga & Counseling

Shanti Yoga & Counseling opened in 2010 as a result of a growing need for healing and holistic mental health care in the area. Shanti in Sanskrit means peace, calmness, or tranquility, which are all things you’ll achieve through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Not only can you take a Yoga 101 of Hot Yoga class, but you can also take Yoga & Counseling. This unique class combines the science of psychology with the art of yoga. It includes breathwork, meditation, and yoga poses for anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, or trauma to help with the healing of your body and your mind.

Discover the benefits of these classes by checking out the Shanti Yoga & Counseling Facebook page.

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle at The Yoga Barre

The Yoga Barre is a yoga and barre studio that uses both types of exercise to help students achieve a healthy lifestyle. Every class focuses on developing strength and flexibility throughout the body, along with breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. This is to help individuals create a balance between the mind and body.


The classes can either stand alone, like in the case of Gentle Flow Yoga or Barre Intensity. Or, you can take a mix of the two in the Yoga Barre Fusion class. This 55-minute class will start with vinyasa sequences to warm and tone the body, then will work on the lower body through barre work, and will end with long stretches.

For descriptions of their other classes, visit The Yoga Barre on Facebook.

Feel the Healing Power of Yoga Today

No matter what your current level is, anyone can benefit from taking a yoga class. To get started on improving your overall health, contact any of the above Gulfport area yoga studios today!