Best Seafood Restaurants near Me Gulfport MS

Best Seafood Restaurants near Me Gulfport, MS

If you just can’t stay away from the delicacies of the deep sea, then you’ll want to stop in and savor each well-prepared dish at these best seafood restaurants near Gulfport, MS. Thanks to their proximity to the gulf and years of experience cooking a variety of entrees, each establishment on this list delivers fresh, tasteful seafood that quickly becomes addicting.

Captain Al’s Steak and Seafood

Best Seafood Restaurants near Me Gulfport, MS

The nautical décor and aroma of freshly caught fish that emits throughout the building are just two of the noteworthy characteristics at Captain Al’s Steak and Seafood.

It’s difficult not to fill up on savory appetizers when your options range from boiled shrimp and stuffed peppers to crab claws. However, you’ll quickly be hungry once again as you see the array of delicious entrees being carried out. Some favorites include the Lobster Dinner, the Oyster Platter, and the Dungeness Crabs, which feature a side of seasoned, melted butter.

To find out more about this charming seaside eatery, follow the Captain Al’s Steak and Seafood Facebook page.

Darwell’s Café

Darwell’s Café always feels a bit like home-if home is a delightful seafood restaurant teeming with creative and flavorful dishes, that is.

The colorful menu at this café is filled with deep-sea delights like their Seafood Gumbo, which is composed of hearty shrimp and crab. There’s also the expertly crafted crab cakes, featuring hand-patted jumbo lump crab meat. To top off your meal, go for the mouth-watering dessert titled Nettie’s Brownie Happiness.

The local community is constantly raving about the accommodating atmosphere and tasty food at this charming café. Read some of these reviews by following the Darwell’s Café Facebook page.

Lil Ray’s Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurants near Me Gulfport, MS

When you dig into any of the plates at Lil Ray’s Restaurant, you’ll immediately notice the added pizzazz that has helped their food become so highly acclaimed.

For instance, their marinated crab claws are served in an irresistible tangy Italian marinade. The Seafood Platter is also delightfully prepared, and you can’t go wrong with their signature catfish dish. Finally, the Po Boy selection is phenomenal, with options including their New Orleans style Hot Roast Beef, or their Crabby Jack, which are fresh crab cakes topped with grilled onions and pepper jack cheese.

To get better acquainted with this highly acclaimed seafood establishment, follow the Lil Ray’s Restaurant Facebook page.

Dive into Some Specials at These Seafood Restaurants near Gulfport MS

The salty smell of the sea lingers at these authentic seafood restaurants. So, if you enjoy crab, clams, lobster, or any other nautical dish, stop by any of these best seafood restaurants near Gulfport, MS, for a bite today!