Relax & Unwind at These Three Nail Salons near Gulfport MS

When you feel good, you look good, too, and there’s no better way to accomplish both than by treating yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating nail salon experience.

From lavish manicures to soothing pedicures, you can escape to a world of serenity without the need to book a tropical getaway. In fact, you can enjoy a first-class experience right here in the Gulfport, MS, area!

Keep reading to learn more about these reinvigorating establishments and give yourself a well-deserved break by visiting any of these luxurious nail salons near Gulfport, MS.

CK Nails & Spa


Open the doors of CK Nails & Spa and immerse yourself in a cozy oasis of majestic comfort that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Their nurturing, client-focused staff takes extra care to ensure your utmost satisfaction, well-being, and health. All of their services are performed under grade-A sanitation standards, delivering a clean and impeccable experience for every client, every time.

When it comes to manicures, the technicians at CK Nails & Spa know their stuff. Keep it simple with a classic French manicure, opt for a more adventurous look with a colorful ombré solar design, or choose the longer-lasting effects of gel polish.

Additionally, grown-ups aren’t the only ones getting pampered at CK Nails & Spa! They offer an array of children’s services, including both manicures and pedicures all at a kid-sized price.

Find some inspiration for your next manicure by checking out their Facebook page, then stop into CK Nails & Spa for the ultimate salon experience!

Hair R Us Beauty & Nail Salon

Where can you find an exquisite spa experience complete with manicure and pedicure services, as well as a complete list of hair styling packages? Right here at Hair R Us Beauty & Nail Salon!

Hair R Us houses skilled nail technicians who are always ready to apply a unique and stylish manicure or pedicure. Choose from a large selection of colors and finishes, take a seat, and get ready to sparkle!

Aside from their fabulous nail services, Hair R Us specializes in fabulous hairstyling options. Owner Leticia Day, known around the salon as “Ms. Hair R Us”, always strives to provide her clients with the best in service and quality within everything she offers. Using Remy 100%, virgin 7A grade, unprocessed hair, Leticia’s spent years creating superstar looks for her clients, with styles ranging from long and wavy weaves to short bobs.

Whether you’re looking to glam up for that big party this weekend or simply in need of some TLC, Hair R Us is where it’s at! Take a peek at their Facebook page to see breathtaking photos of dazzling nail art designs!

Queen’s Nails & Day Spa


Looking to sit back and unwind? Then look no further than Queen’s Nails & Day Spa!

Step into a spacious yet inviting environment where crisp and clean marble floors meet contemporary furnishings complete with multiple flat-screen TVs. Combining these elements with soft recessed lighting and large glass windows, Queen’s Nails & Spa generates a spa experience that’s, well, fit for a queen!

Bring out the flip-flops and sink into their massage-equipped leather chairs to receive a relaxing and gorgeous pedicure. Choose from hundreds of polish colors from blush pinks to deep purples and let skilled nail technicians transform your nails into exquisite works of art.

Moreover, Queen’s Nails & Day Spa offers more than just mani’s and pedi’s. Loosen up with a signature Swedish massage or shape your face with an expert eyebrow waxing.

While you’re on the web, visit their Facebook page for available hours, directions, and more. Then, stop by and say hello to receive the royal treatment you deserve!

Ready to Relax?

Now that you know where to go near Gulfport, MS, for the preeminent pampering experience, it’s time to sit back and enjoy what all these wonderful nail salons have to offer!