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Family Time Made Better in the Honda Pilot

No matter what your family's taste in music is, if you can all join in on a singalong while out on the road in your new 2016 Honda Pilot, it's time well spent. Press play on this fun video and hear this family's rendition of Weezer's hit "Buddy Holly," then head on over to our Gulfport, MS Honda dealership for a quick test drive.



Of course if you and your…

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Get a Great Deal on a Civic LX at Pat Peck Honda

Looking for a car that does it all? Meet the 2015 Honda Civic, a compact car with quite a bit of functionality, superb gas mileage, and the sort of value and entertainment features found in cars that cost quite a bit more. This year, we're proud to offer a number of its trims on our Summer Clearance Sales Event.

One such trim is the base LX. While many view base trims with disdain, Honda doesn't let them languish and packs them with features that add quite a bit of value. In the case of the Civic, it includes…

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The SUV fit for your family

The day you learned that your kids were too big for the Accord was a rough one. Now you are looking for the same level of quality and reliability with the Honda brand, but in a larger size. We decided to help ease the search process and put together a shortlist of the models you should take a closer look at.

The Honda Pilot is the full-size SUV, with seating for up to eight thanks…

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2016 Honda HR-V Delivers Well-Rounded Excellence

We've waited for months and months, but the moment has finally arrived!

The all-new 2016 Honda HR-V has touched down at our Gulfport, MS dealership. And, we can only say that it's about time!

The HR-V stands out as Honda's first-ever subcompact CUV and it's nearly guaranteed to be an overnight sensation.

How so? Well, the 2016 HR-V offers sporty exterior style alongside its versatile, upscale interior that's jam-packed with…

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Easy Cleaning and Fun Driving in the Honda Odyssey

There's a whole lot to love about the new 2015 Honda Odyssey, from its dedication to safety and comfort to the many available tech features. And there's a whole lot you can fit inside the new Odyssey, from many kids to all kinds of cargo, and even all the crumbs and dirt your passengers tend to leave behind. And that's where this great feature comes into play. Click on the video below…

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GradDad is Answering Your Questions, No Matter How Weird

To answer questions about the College Grad Program, and any other questions you might have, Honda has brought in an expert: GradDad.

You've just graduated college! Congratulations! You've got a lot to celebrate, and a lot of new responsibility waiting for you in the world.

You have many questions, of course.

That's why GradDad is here to take your questions on twitter-- #AskGradDad. Really, tweet a question to @GradDad! Any question. Whether…

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The road toward "better" begins behind the wheel of the Honda CR-V

Ask any athlete and they'll tell you the road to becoming the best never ends. The road to "better" is a long road of discovery and failure, always with an end goal to better the best. Alright, enough riddles, we'll give it to you straight: the 2015 Honda CR-V is better than ever, but it's not done, because we know the path to "better" is a never-ending road.

Better, stronger, faster. No…

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Breaking News Regarding the Honda HR-V!

Here at Pat Peck Honda in Gulfport, we have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the 2016 Honda HR-V. And the brand has been incredibly tight lipped when it comes to an official North American release date other than to say "coming spring of 2015."

Finally we have some specific--and exciting--new information about the HR-V to share with our avid Pat Peck Honda blog followers. Take a look at the video we…

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The Honda Fit is Efficient in Space and with its Drive

A small hatchback that doesn't require all-wheel drive is bound to have excellent fuel efficiency, but it's the way the new 2015 Honda Fit uses all of its available interior space that really turns people's heads. Click on the play button on the short video below to check out the stunning new Fit, then head on over to our Gulfport, MS Honda dealership and take a quick test drive.

Combining this kind…

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Revealed: 2016 Honda Pilot

As we mentioned in a recent blog pos, the 2016 Honda Pilot finally made its world premiere at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

And, we can confidently say that the 2016 Pilot has vastly exceeded our expectations. When you watch the video below, you'll seem to notice that the Pilot offers slighter and sleeker dimensions.

Of course, you wouldn't be mistaken as the 2016 Pilot is some 300 pounds lighter than the current…

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